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Tractor Flail Mowers

Perfect for your next road side clean up project, these tractor flail mowers are built tough to fit many sizes of tractors. The SLE models are great for years of use, and the PFL heavy duty are made to commercial use standards to make quick work of your next mowing job.
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Phoenix PFL Tractor 3 point hitch, PTO driven Flail Mowers Phoenix PFL Tractor Flail Mowers

Phoenix PFL Category II, Tractor Flail Mowers. Free Shipping within 1,000 miles. No Longer Available... Discontinued model

TE Flail Mowers by Phoenix Phoenix TE Flail Mowers

Phoenix TE flail mowers for tractors with 30-60 HP Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Ditch Bank Flail Mowers Ditch Bank Offset Flail Mowers

Hydraulic Ditch Bank Flail Mower is perfect for mowing around ponds and hard to reach banks or hill sides. Free Shipping within 1,000 miles!

Learn More About A Tractor Flail Mower -
For those who have only had the chance to see these mowers working on the roadsides, here is some better information about project conditions are right and when a flail mower is the tractor 3 point hitch implement that will work best for you.

The mower is named after the small metal knives or blades that are attached to a ring and then bolted to the flail mower rotating drum.
Tractor Flail Mower Knife
This unique design is best suited for when you are unsure of whether or not there are immovable objects such as rocks, stumps, or other debris and don't want to cause damage to surrounding property. Once the flail mower begins to be powered by the tractor PTO, the mower knives expand outwards using centrifugal force equal to the speed of rotation. This action allows the staggered rows of flail mower blades to provide a clean cut across the width of the flail.

As shown in this picture, the flails are slung out to cut the grass, but if a rock or other hard object were in the way, the flails would simply fold back and pass the object. The folding of the flails is what makes this an exceptional mower, it won't get jammed on rocks or other debris, and leaves a nice finish on the grass once your done.

Flail Mower
Guess what happens if it hits a large immovable object? The flails simply slide back on the ring until the object is not obstructing the blade, and then it returns to full length once the object has passed.
This simple motion is why the tractor flail mower implement works so well for roadside cleanup. Operators may hit debris with the flails, but instead of sticking into a piece of wood for example, and throwing it, it simply folds back and lets the object pass thru. A key benefit to Flail mowers is that they work great where flying debris would cause damage.
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