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Everything Attachments offers Skid Steer Backhoes that brings a new level of versatility to your skidsteer loader, making your Skid Steer into a Skid Steer Backhoe. Our awesome quick attach skid steer backhoes let you dig deeper, reach higher, and reposition easily without getting out of the cab.
The skid steer backhoe digs down deep making it ideal for most landscaping and light construction applications. The backhoe has an even better reach up high, so it is easy to empty your skidsteer backhoe bucket into a nearby wagon or truck. The hydraulic system connectors allow the operator to easily attach your front mount skid steer backhoe. The well engineered design and heavy duty construction make this attachment one best values and most useful tools you will ever purchase for your bobcat style skidsteer loader.
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A skid steer backhoe, also called a rear actor or back actor, is a piece of excavating equipment consisting of a skidsteer backhoe digging backhoe bucket on the end of an articulated arm (also called a stick or dipper). Modern skid steer backhoes are powered by hydraulics. They are typically mounted on the back of a tractor or front loader, skid steer backhoes attach to the quick attach system. Then the skid steer backhoe hydraulics are connected.
Similar attachments for skid loaders are still called backhoes even though they are mounted on the front. This is because the name refers to the action of the shovel, not its location on the vehicle: a skid steer backhoe digs by drawing earth backwards, rather than lifting it with a forward motion like a bulldozer.
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