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EA Wicked Severe XTreme Hinged Back Box Blade Category I & II V2.0

Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Hinged Back Tractor Box Scraper Box Blade for 50-75 HP
Everything Attachments Severe XTreme Heavy Duty Hinged Back Box Blade

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Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Lockable Hinged Back Box Blade For Tractors with 50-75 HP

The Everything Attachments XTreme heavy duty hinged back box blade is built to last for years to come. The body of the box blade is constructed from laser cut 3/8" thick steel and welded(not bolted) for maximum strength. The 1/4" thick curved back on the box blade forces the dirt to roll over and helps fill up the cavity for better performance. The front and back reversible cutting edges are made in America. The floating tailgate can be bolted into a fixed position. For MAX wear resistance, extra plates of steel are welded to the leading edge of ALL EA box blades.

Version 2 has longer sides for more rear backfilling.

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Category I & II quick hitch compatible.
  • Premium A572 Grade 50 Laser Cut Steel Construction.
  • 3/8" thick hitch.
  • Side plates are 1/2" thick steel with added wear strips for wear resistance.
  • 1/4" thick curved back.
  • Includes bolts and brackets to convert to fixed back box blade.
  • Hinged back can be bolted rigid.
  • Manufactured in Newton, NC.
  • 4 hole high quality ripper shanks for adjustments.
  • Ripper shanks are mounted behind the front tube instead of through it for maximum durability.
  • Cutting edges are made in USA.
  • Front and back cutting edges for pushing or pulling.
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
*Now featuring our NEW Patent Pending, easy adjustable WICKED Ripper Shanks!
Size Weight Shanks
72 775 lbs.
78 815 lbs.
84 875 lbs. 6
96 985 lbs.

American Made Attachment

Everything Attachments Severe XTreme Heavy Duty Hinged Back Box Blade Made In America! Fits category I & II tractors from 50 to 75 horsepower. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Everything Attachments Category I & II Hinged Back Box Blade
Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
ETA-CATI-II-XDHBBB72 Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty 72" Hinged Back Box Blade
$ 2,879.72
ETA-CATI-II-XDHBBB78 Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty 78" Hinged Back Box Blade
$ 2,932.15
ETA-CATI-II-XDHBBB84 Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty 84" Hinged Back Box Blade
$ 3,037.07
ETA-CATI-II-XDHBBB96 Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty 96" Hinged Back Box Blade
$ 3,308.17
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Extended Information:
Video 1
I'm Ted from Everything Attachments. I just want to try to give everybody when they're trying to make the purchase for their box blade, when they're trying to figure out exactly what they need for their purposes and of course our salesmen will be happy to help you. I just want kind of give you an explanation of why you would want a locked or a fixed tailgate or a floating tailgate.

Ninety-nine percent of the time for myself, I want a fixed tailgate. So on this one you'll be able to either fix it, meaning lock it in place, or let it float. Okay? The main difference is, if you're doing leveling of any kind, you're doing a driveway, you're doing your final grade, anything that you want to make level, you will do a...unless you...you have to be a really good operator and it's not impossible, but if your tailgate floats only and you can't lock it, if you're a really good operator, you got a lot of years of experience...I can operate one pretty good. But it's still easier for a lot of jobs to just simply do with it locked than it is floating and then I'll explain what is absolutely better with a floating tailgate.

Okay, so for leveling grade, fixed is usually the best, because what you're doing is, you're lowering the front of your box blade to the front of the edges only cutting a little bit. And you're really riding on this back edge kind of as a gauge. The front edge can't go any deeper because the back edge is touching. So it's kind of like your wheel or your gauge wheel is just a blade dragging the ground. It's keeping your blade from just sinking. Okay?

Now if I'm in a grading application...this is for a 125 horsepower tractor here. If I've got that kind of horsepower, especially with a four wheel drive, and I've got a couple of acres or something, it could be more, whatever, but I need to get a lot of dirt from here moved to there. In other words, leveling is not my biggest priority here. It's just simply getting this big hill or whatever moved to somewhere else. Okay? So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to shorten my top link. I'm going to let my rippers dig in really deep. This front edge, when it gets down, it's going to let this back tailgate float up. So when this is down in the ground and we welded an extra side blade here for wear, you're going to have this down in the ground maybe an inch or so.

So you're going to be taking off about three or four inches. Now it takes a lot of horsepower to do that, but if you've got it, you can...this tailgate will float up and will allow that front edge to dig as much as your tractor will take. So you're going to have to use your position lever to keep it from just digging more. Even 125 horsepower tractor at a certain point, you don't want to take 10 inches off at a time. You want to take three or four inches, something that's reasonable, something that you can get rolling in here. And then when it's full, you can either barely drag it on the ground or whatever you want to do to get it to where you're taking it, okay? So if you're really moving massive amounts of dirt, a floating tailgate is absolutely what you want.

If you're doing leveling...now this one can be fixed or float, so you can do either. That's the good thing. Most blades are either/or. So in most cases, if it's an either/or situation, you probably want a fixed. If you're a major grader then you're going to want the floating. In this case, luckily you can put the pins in and fix it just like a welded rear tailgate. This blade also has...it has a lot of room in here so when you're backing up, it allows you to build up a lot of dirt pushed back. I'll give you an instance why a floating tailgate can be terrible. When I was younger, from the time I was twelve years old, I scraped...I'm downtown right here in Newton, North Carolina, but I scraped all the banks and all the different businesses around here from the time I was young till I got old enough to drive and had better things to do.

But if you...with a floating tailgate, I did most of my pushing from the back because you can't...it's a box. So you want to just keep...what you want to do in a parking lot is make one big strip through it and then back everything up to the parking places. But if you get snow between these two edges, this edge starts getting up here. So then you have to pull this edge up and keep taking the snow out of it and it's a real pain. So if you've got it locked, it isn't going to do that and you can lock that on this one. So I learned real quick that a floating tailgate and snow don't go together at all because if you're back dragging, it just packs up. So that's no good.

So because a floating tailgate is more expensive, a lot of people think they want it and a lot of them are right. And as long as you can lock it, it isn't going to matter. You're going to get a great box blade either way. A lot of the tailgates that you see floating, if you go to a Gannon or some of the bigger blades, they're going to be like this. You're going to have a lot of distance between the bottom of the cutting edge and where it's actually pivoting. If you go to a cheap box blade that says floating tailgate and basically what you see is a cutting edge with a couple piano hinges welded across of it and it's no taller than that, that's not going to be a very well performing tailgate. And if you really hit something hard from behind, you're going to bend it and tear it up. If you're going to buy a floating tailgate, get one that's worth buying is my recommendation.

So we'll put them in the field soon. It's January right now. It's really cold. We're trying to get into the ground some. We're behind on our videos. We're trying to get called up. And we'll lock this blade and show you how to grade. We'll unlock the blade and show you how to really dig out some dirt. Wish we could do it today. But with our new line of box blades coming out, I just wanted to do a little explaining of why you want one or the other. The little blades right now will only come fixed. As they get bigger, they'll have the floating part available. Give us a call or an email. You can kind of explain what work you're doing, how much experience you've got, and we can try to help you make your best choice. Thanks for making all your purchases at Everything Attachments.

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5 of 5 Late Delivery August 22, 2023
Reviewer: CLARK from CENTRAL, LA United States  
The stated wait time for delivery was very much under estimated! We waited 16 weeks for the item to be delivered. It was originally estimated for 10-12 weeks. The item does work well and is very well built as we expected from the advertisement.

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5 of 5 Property Supervisor April 4, 2023
Reviewer: Joe A from Keeseville, NY United States  
Repeat EA Customer
Excellent quality product. I can't imagine how you could
build a stronger back box than this one. The 84" unit is just right for the size of my tractor. I already put it
to use and it works great. Don't have to worry about
lack of downward pressure at 3pt hitch. The implement
is heavy enough, as it should be to do the work it was
designed for. I have top & tilt cylinders on my 62 hp
tractor, which really complement the functionality of
the box blade. I would definitely recommend this unit.

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5 of 5 Severe XTreme Hinged Back Box Blade Category I & I February 1, 2022
Reviewer: James Artzner from Gastonia, NC United States  
This is bar far the best and most heavy-duty box blade on the market. All aspects of the craftsmanship and material used is second to none, if you want to buy once and pass it down this is the company for you. This is my third purchase from EA and when I need the next attachment, I will look nowhere else.

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5 of 5 Exactly what I needed February 18, 2021
Reviewer: David Walworth from Choctaw, OK United States  
I replaced a lightweight 6 foot box blade with this 7 foot version. It has made a huge difference for me! First of all, the engineering, attention to details, and flawless welds are second to none. This covers my tracks with a little extra on each side with my JD 5065e set to narrow (R1 bar tires and loaded rears). The additional weight (over twice as heavy as my 6 foot box blade was) helps to make road maintenance a single pass process now instead of several passes that were required and it also makes for more stable heavy lifting with the front end loader. This was even cheaper then a similar version through my dealership that didn’t seem quite as nice. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing several more implements in the future to go along with this and the other two I’m still waiting for (8 foot rear scraper blade and a fifth wheel trailer mover). I’m a big fan of all of your implements working with my Cat 2 quick hitch. Keep up the good work!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great Experience August 5, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tennessee  
The sales staff was very helpful answering my questions.  The box blade was delivered on schedule as promised and everything looked good.

Was this review helpful to you?

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