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Ted Corriher - Owner
Experience - 30+ years
What does Ted do at Everything Attachments?
Ted handles a little bit of Everything . . . from taking sales calls and starring in our Product "How to Videos", to hand picking the best attachments to offer for purchase on our site. Ted is there to make sure that you get the highest quality attachments that will fit your machine so that you can focus on your next project.
We will be honest, Ted doesn't type, but we just set him up on SKYPE (video conferencing FREE software) which he saw on "Who wants to be a Millionaire". If you have Skype, or want to download it, you can reach Ted by clicking on the link below his picture. He is excited about using it to get back the feeling of face to face conversations with our customers. Just our little way of making our business personal again!
What does Ted like best about Everything Attachments?
"It is the "New Way" of doing business in the 21st Century. With over 1000 different attachments on our website, we know that anytime of day, our customers can come here to find information, watch demos, and research our full line of products.
A lot of hard work, time, and effort is required to constantly update and improve the information here at Everything Attachments. Creating the Very Best Place Online for our visitors to learn about all the different Attachments that we sell, as well as insuring QUALITY by not offering any China Made Attachments are the foundation of our success. "

Jerry - Office Manager
Experience - 6 years
What does Jerry do at Everything Attachments?
Jerry is the guy that runs the show. Extremely organized, and always on task . . . Jerry processes all of our orders, schedules shipping, keeps up with inventory, and provides excellent customer service after the sale.
Sound like a lot of responsibility? Trust us, this guy is on it!
What does Jerry like best about Everything Attachments?
"I really enjoy the challenges that come from keeping up with and running an online business. Thousands of people come to our site everyday to learn about and purchase our attachments! I think you learn something new every day, and I really enjoy the contact with our customers.
I work hard every day to help satisfy our customer's needs because everyone I talk to just seems to be good people . . . if you know what I mean."