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Free Shipping Policy

Free shipping is to a commercial business, staffed during business hours, with offload capabilities or to the freight terminal (call for nearest terminal location). A residential business, farm, school, church, construction site etc. is not considered business delivery by the freight carriers.

Look for many of our larger items and skid steer attachments which are offered with FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA (the lower 48 states), it will be noted in the writeup.

We offer free shipping to the freight terminal or commercial business address with a loading dock with the ability to unload the item (example - forklift, tractor with loader, skid steer) from the tractor trailer truck, for most items to within our free shipping zone.

Customers, please be aware that shipping companies WILL NOT pay for any damages and/or missing parts incurred during shipment when that damage is not noted AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY with the delivery driver. It is your responsibility to check your order for damage and/or missing parts BEFORE you sign for your goods. Ground shipping and LTL truck shipping, boxed or wrapped, requires you to check for damage before signing for delivery. Please do not blame EA for carrier damage when your item(s) are not checked upon arrival!

We have several options for freight terminals in each state where you can pick up your order. Contact us to find out where your local terminal is.

What is considered a business address?
  • The definition of a "Business" to a freight carrier is: Listed in the local phone book, Posted business hours, staffed during regular business hours, and off load capabilities (in a timely manner).

  • Unfortunately, a Farm is not considered a business to a freight carrier. There is a residential charge for them to go to a farm, church, school, construction site or other limited delivery area.

  • Freight carriers do not offer free calls (prior delivery notification), although they may call ahead at times. Lift gate service is not included, but is available at extra cost.

    Commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, i.e. municipalities, government, etc.

  • A home business is not considered a business unless it meets the previous requirements.

Remote locations that will require an additional charge include but are not limited to:

  • Camps, Carnivals, Fairs
  • Chautaquas, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Convents
  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Medical/Urgent care sites without a dock
  • Prisons
  • Construction Sites
  • Individual / Mini Storage Units
  • Mine Sites
  • Golf Courses, Country Clubs
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Parks, Farms, Ranches, Indian Reservations
  • Court Houses
  • Day Cares
  • Hotels, Motels, Resorts Retirement/Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Cemeteries
  • Convents
  • Outdoor Flea Markets

The charge includes the initial notification for delivery arrangements and single shipment at the Limited Access location.

Need residential delivery to your home?
  • Residential delivery is available to your home and is an additional $110.00 charge if you have the means to unload your items from the Transfer Truck.

  • Lift gate service is available to off load your purchases from the transfer truck for an additional $136.00 if you do not have the means to unload it. (Before you spend an additional $246 dollars, if you ship to a terminal they will load it onto your truck or trailer for no extra charge)

*Other handling charges will apply if you required home delivery and need help to unload the items. Please note this in your customer comments when you are checking out so that we can inform you of additional charges. For your convenience, smaller items which we can ship with UPS Ground Shipping will ship to your door, we are limited to under 140 lbs. but with the post hole diggers, we ship as (3) pieces for your convenience.
We do offer shipping in the USA to all of the lower 48 States.
Many of our larger attachments are advertised with free shipping within Continental USA! If this is the case, you are covered from coast to coast. Some locations require additional shipping fees examples of these locations are islands, peninsulas, and very remote locations. It is our responsibility to contact you if additional shipping fees are needed and get approval from you before the item ships.

For those outside the free shipping area, we welcome you to place your order
just as if you lived inside this area. Your credit card will not be charged until we contact you with an exact shipping amount to your location and get your approval.
We will get you the best shipping quote possible, and have found that our customers outside this area once they receive their shipping quote still decide to purchase from us!

* some locations shown inside this area will require additional shipping fees. Examples of these locations are Islands, Peninsulas and very remote locations. It is our responsibility to contact you if additional shipping fees are needed and get approval from you before the item ships.

Why freight terminal shipping is more convenient and cheaper! Are you familiar with how the cable company schedules install appointments? It's great isn't it? They tell you a date and a 5-7 hour time range when they may arrive. This is exactly the same way delivery to a residence or business without a loading dock works. The shipping company will schedule a day and time range that the shipment could potentially arrive. You are required to be there and ready with the means to unload the freight truck (with forklift, skid steer, or tractor with a front end loader) when they arrive no matter when exactly in the time range it is.
This can end up wasting an entire day waiting for your order to arrive, and because of the size and weight of the items that we provide for purchase, could take up your friends, who are helping you unload your items, time as well.
Shipping to a terminal and business is all about convenience!
The terminal will contact you upon the item's arrival, and from that time you will have several days to go and pick it up whenever you want during that time period.
Just drive to the terminal to take delivery at the freight terminal. They will load it onto your vehicle. Please make sure your vehicle is capable of handling the weight. Also, bring plenty of tie downs to properly secure the load.
Shipping to a business address without a loading dock
We only deal with what we consider to be the safest and most courteous trucking companies, however truck drivers are subject to a number of regulations. One of which is that the truck drivers are not required to give assistance in unloading the shipment. You are required to be there and ready with the means to unload the freight truck (with forklift, skid steer, or tractor with a front end loader) when they arrive no matter when exactly in the time range it is. If you choose to have your items delivered to a business without a loading dock, please be prepared for this "curbside" delivery.
Ask a friend with a business address
Some of our best customers use this option, and recommended we tell you about it. If you have a friend or relative that has a business address with a loading dock, this is a good way for you to have your attachments delivered if you do not have a business address. If you choose to have your items delivered to a friends business without a loading dock, please tell them to be prepared for this "curbside" delivery, as they would be responsible for unloading the item(s) and placing them into your shop. This normally takes a forklift, tractor w/ front end loader, or skid steer.
Parts orders
Orders for parts are processed through a seperate parts system and shipping is charged accordingly when you checkout through this system. Free shipping is not available on the parts checkout system.
Ups is used on occasion to ship items that fall below 150 lbs. in weight.

Return Policy

We will gladly accept customer returns for any reason, although we require you to obtain a return authorization before sending the item back. If you received the wrong item in your order, we will pay shipping to return the incorrect item to our warehouse, and the shipping to deliver you the proper equipment in the same manner of original shipping, but you MUST ACCEPT DELIVERY FIRST! In the event you ordered the wrong item or have changed your mind, you will be responsible for shipping the item back to our warehouse where we will inspect your item, and refund your purchase price minus our original shipping cost. Returns will not be accepted if you refuse delivery, send the item back, or if you charge your credit card back without notifying us in advance. No returns will be accepted on non stock custom built items.

North Carolina residents and local pick up customers:
We must charge 7% North Carolina sales tax on all pick up items.
If you are in North Carolina and would like it shipped to you, add 7% sales tax to the price on the product.
1-866-581-5818 or 1-828-464-1200