EA Warranty
Everything Attachments Warranty

Everything Attachments Warranty on Products
Manufactured by Everything Attachments

Everything Attachments warrants all products manufactured by Everything Attachments for one year from the date of purchase. Everything Attachments will replace or repair any attachment free of charge if damage is due to workmanship or material defect. Any damage due to misuse will not be covered under this warranty and will cause this warranty to be null and void.

How To File A Warranty Claim

  1. The customer must contact us during our normal business hours by phone or email and allow us to identify the problem.
  2. Pictures of the damaged part or area of the attachment must be emailed to us to verify what has failed on the component. (We may further require that the component be returned to us.)
  3. Everything Attachments will look at each case individually and decide whether to repair or replace the attachment.
  4. If return shipping is required, the customer shall be financially responsible for returning parts or equipment.
  5. Everything Attachments will cover shipping on replacement parts being sent to the customer.

If you have any questions regarding this warranty please call or email BEFORE purchasing.