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EA 7500HD Category 2 Heavy Duty Tractor Post Hole Digger With XTreme Duty Gearbox

Tractor Post Hole Digger XTreme Gearbox 3 point hitch Category 2 PTO driven
Everything Attachments 7500HD Category 2 Heavy Duty Tractor Post Hole Digger With XTreme Duty Gearbox

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Everything Attachments 7500 Category 2, (1 1/8" pin size), Tractor Post Hole Digger

The Everything Attachments 7500 Tractor Post Hole Digger is made with a strong tubular hoop that is 2 1/2" diameter schedule 40 tubing. The main boom is 3" inside diameter schedule 40 steel tubing. This PHD is made for full size tractors with up to 88 HP for use with up to 24" augers, or a 30" two step tree auger. The heavy duty gearbox has tapered roller bearings, which run in oil, the output shaft is 2" round. The heavier casing of the gearbox is designed not to use a guiding rod. The PTO shaft is a heavy duty Class 4 PTO shaft with shear bolt protection. The ten-position boom allows for adjustment to fit most category 2 tractors. The augers are available in 6", 9", 12", and 18" diameter sizes, or with an 18" tree auger bit with a 10" pilot. We have a video of How To Assemble and Install a Three Point Hitch Post Hole Digger, Scroll down to watch. Gear box is pre-filled with Gear Oil, ready to hookup and use.

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Rated for up to 88 PTO horsepower.
  • Fits Category 2 three point hitch tractors(1 1/8" diameter lift arm pins).
  • Auger bits are 48" long.
  • WICKED boom pole option adds extra top bracing and hinging hook for moving objects.
  • View Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
Choose the WICKED Boom Pole Option and we will include a reinforced boom pole with top bracing and hinged lift hook on the end instead of the "normal" post hole digger boom.

360 Degree View 360 Degree View of Auger Bits

American Made Attachment

Post hole digger with 4", 6", 9", 12",18" & 24" Auger Bit sizes available. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
ETA-7500HD-6HDF Everything Attachments 7500HD Post Hole Digger with 6 Inch Auger Bit
$ 2,215.40
ETA-7500HD-9HDF Everything Attachments 7500HD Post Hole Digger with 9 Inch Auger Bit
$ 2,379.86
ETA-7500HD-12HDF Everything Attachments 7500HD Post Hole Digger with 12 Inch Auger Bit
$ 2,464.78
ETA-7500HD-18HDF Everything Attachments 7500HD Post Hole Digger with 18 Inch Auger Bit
$ 2,854.34
ETA-7500HD-24HDF Everything Attachments 7500HD Post Hole Digger with 24 Inch Auger Bit
$ 3,163.03
DIGGA-20024-2-HDF 6x48 2 Round HDF Auger Bit 2 Teeth 42 lbs.
DIGGA-20099-2-HDF 9x48 2 Round HDF Auger Bit 3 Teeth 86 lbs.
DIGGA-20186-2-HDF 12x48 2 Round HDF Auger Bit 4 Teeth 115 lbs.
DIGGA-20308-2-HDF 18x48 2 Round HDF Auger Bit 6 Teeth 176 lbs.
DIGGA-20388-2-HDF 24x48 2 Round HDF Auger Bit 8 Teeth 278 lbs.
WICKED-BOOM-OPT-7500XHD Upgrade with WICKED Boom Pole Option
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Extended Information:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're here today with parts of the ETA, which is Everything Attachments, post hole digger. I just want to explain some of the things we've done for our own post hole digger and what improvements we've made and why there is a cost difference between an Everything Attachments post hole digger and a Leinbach post hole digger.

The Leinbach post hole diggers are great. We've sold a lot of them over the years. We've had trouble getting supply all the time of them, so just to keep our customers happy and to keep the supply line moving, we're producing our own augers in-house. And we've made a lot of improvements on them. They look similar, but we've made a lot of improvements and we just want to tell you what we've done and why these are costing more. It's not like I've just jacked up the price. You're truly getting what you pay for.

So we'll start with the gearboxes. This is an omni-gearbox, and yes, unfortunately, it is made in China. But most of the American manufacturers that have a good post hole driller line, and I'm going to try not to mention names because I would cover just about all of the manufacturers out there. But this box is on several different other companies, you know as a major manufacturer that also builds loaders and other components. And that box is rated up to a 24 inch auger. This is the smaller gearbox like would be on our Everything Attachments 6900 compact and the 6900. It's also an omni-gearbox and it's rated up to a 12 inch auger.

Now the difference between the Leinbach and the Everything Attachment drive shaft, Leinbach uses a class 2 shaft, which is fine up to 12 inches, and this is a class 4 shaft. It's good up to 24 inches. Now this shaft weighs 20 pounds more than a class 2 shaft. It's more expensive to ship, but you can't hardly tear it up if you wanted to, especially on the little digger. Now we're using a class 4 on the little digger just simply because when we buy in numbers and quantity we can buy one grade of a better shaft for the price of trying to manage two different grades for two different augers.

So we want to show you the difference in the auger, too. The Leinbach auger makes a good auger bit. They really do. They're a medium duty bit. Probably the biggest disadvantage is that when you wear out the tip where you're digging, you have to replace the whole head, which is about $30 or more, and then on these you would only have to replace just the tips. And actually is a better style of digging. And we're going to turn this around and show it to you.

OK, on the four inch bit, the problem with a four inch bit is it's only four inches and you got a real powerful gearbox here. So the four inch bit for right now is actually going to cost more than most of these bits. This is a Danuser bit. Because of the way it's built, it uses a small shaft, but to make it to where it has enough flighting on it to bring the dirt out, it has to be built like a brick house. It has a really thick tube, a really thick collar, has a good screw point on it, and it has the standard cutting edges on both sides. So it's hard to make a good four inch bit cheap. There's no real way to do it without it breaking and I've got quite a few broken cheap four inch bits around here. So we're just going to use the best bit I know of on the four inch.

On the six, nine and twelve and eighteen, these are bits that we got for Everything Attachments augers. They have a big nice long screw on the end, which is going to help start your hoe early. And then when you go to replace the tips, you only have to replace each point instead of the complete assembly. Now everything about these bits are just heavier, so they're more expensive for me to ship.

Now Everything Attachments augers will now come completely boxed in cardboard. We're putting a nice paint job on them. We're using heavier pipe, heavier tubing. They'll come encased in cardboard with that expanded foam to protect it, keep it from getting scratched from shipping, which is delivering. And we just want to give you a superior product at a great price. The price has gone up some, but you get what you pay for and I can guarantee you at Everything Attachments we're giving you all we can for the dollar. And we're keeping as much of this made in America as we can. All the booms and all were done and painted right here in this house. And if you'll give us a call or an email, we'll help size the right auger for your tractor and the right auger head and get everything right for you. Just give us a call or an email at Everything Attachments.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 FeedBack April 5, 2021
Reviewer: Daniel Correia from Tiverton, RI United States  
Overall, great product just as described. Only recommendation is to place bolts in plastic bag with tape so that they don't get lost in travel.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great August 12, 2020
Reviewer: Michael Barry from Paso Robles, CA United States  

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Please fill in the Product EA 7500HD Category 2 He July 14, 2020
Reviewer: Cabot Lord from Stuart, FL United States  
When I received the auger it did not include any pins and sheer bolts. I would appreciate it if you could send a set for this auger. Thank you in advance.
Cabot Lord
1375 SE St Lucie Blvd
Stuart FL 34996
EA Response:  We will email the customer and send what was missing.  We're always an email or phone call away if something is left out or becomes missing in transit!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 November 4, 2019
Reviewer: Tom Dedrick from Fort Wayne, IN United States  
I have only used it for 7 holes but it worked great! I used it with the 18" augur to install used telephone poles that supported a railroad tie retaining wall that I built 14 ties high.

I plan to use it more in the spring to build another wall.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Excellence October 29, 2019
Reviewer: John Seppanen from Lanse, MI United States  
A beefy post hole digger. Worth every penny.

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